ToBeContinued Term and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Am I eligible to take part?

  • All participants must be over the age of 16 years to submit work to the event.
  • Entry is free.
  • This is a collective writing event and no profits are made and no royalties paid.
  • The stories are published online only (see marketing section).
  • The event is open to all writers, regardless of if you are a published author.
  • Writers resident in UK and Ireland are eligible to submit work to the event.
  • The piece you write must not have been published before in any medium at any time.
  • Writers have no contact with each other and the work submitted must be independent and solely your own work.


How many stories can I submit to?

It is important that no one writer dominates the direction of the narrative or characters of a story and so we have introduced the following rules:

  • Only one paragraph (200 words) per writer per story can be submitted.
  • If your paragraph for that story is selected to be posted on line you cannot submit again to that same story unless invited by the moderator to do so.
  • If your paragraph for that story is not selected for posting on line you can submit another paragraph again to that story.
  • You can submit to more than one story, for example if you have submitted a paragraph to the crime story and been accepted you will not be able to submit again to the crime story but you can submit to another one of the stories which are running.


How many words can I write?

  • Each story will be a maximum of 20,000k words and we will alert you via social media when we need to start to think about how the story will end to keep within that word count.
  • Writers cannot submit more than one paragraph. A paragraph will be 200 words and submissions in excess of 200 words may not be considered.


Can I read the story before I submit my 200 words?

  • The stories will be posted up on for you to read before you submit your 200 words.
  • To ensure that the stories are developing in a logical order we will be posting out notifications on @LuludotcomUK to when we would like submissions for the next paragraph to come in to us and the closing deadline. This means that you won’t be submitting for chapter 1 when the book has moved onto its next chapter! Please ensure you are following our twitter @LuludotcomUK for notifications of when to submit.


How do I send my writing to you?

  • Submissions are to be typed only and supplied electronically to social­
  • Submissions not supplied electronically to the correct email address will not be accepted.
  • Your submission must contain: your name (or writer pseudonym), your address, your age, your e mail contact details and your twitter and Facebook handle.
  • You must state clearly if you are happy to have your name/writer pseudonym) shared on social media as part of marketing the event if your submission is successful. If you do not supply this information Lulu will assume your writer name can be shared (see Marketing section below).
  • Your submission must state which story you are submitting to or it will be automatically rejected.
  • It is preferred that all entries are written in English, however we will accept a non-English entry providing an English translation is also submitted with it.
  • Once an entry has been submitted it cannot be withdrawn.
  • Submissions cannot be returned so please keep a copy.
  • It is not possible to confirm receipt of submissions by phone or email.


The role of the moderator

  • The moderator checks submissions for compliance, and consistency with the general direction of the story and integrity of the event. If the moderator feels the submission is unsuitable they have the right to reject the submission or contact the writer to ask for modification. Common reasons for rejection are, but not limited to, the submission infringes copyright, intellectual property, is defamatory or obscene, constitutes a violation of any English or European law, is inappropriate for genre to which it is submitted.
  • If the moderator receives multiple submissions for the same point in the story the decision as to which paragraph is used to continue the direction of the story is the final decision of the moderator.
  • The moderator reserves the right to ‘invite’ a writer back to submit more words if there are no suitable submissions to continue/complete the story.
  • The moderator’s decision is final, the moderator is unable to comment on individual entries, moderating is fair and unbiased.


What happens when the event ends to the stories?

  • Contributing writers will be sent a PDF version of the collaborative story they contributed to at the end of the event and their names acknowledged in the story as contributors.
  • The event ends when the stories are complete (they have reached the 20,000k words per story limit) or until 31 December 2017, whichever is the earlier.
  • The completed stories and the contributors to those stories will be promoted by Lulu via our social media channels for 6 weeks after the event ends.



  • The submission must not infringe any copyright, intellectual property, be defamatory or obscene, or constitutes a violation of any English or European law. Any submission deemed to contain any of these elements above will not be posted up to the event.
  • By submitting the work the writer represents and warrants to that they own the exclusive copyright to the work they are submitting.
  • The writer retains full copyright to their submissions.
  • As this is collective writing, contributing writers are prohibited from developing any of the characters or story plots within the collective piece into ‘spin offs’ or new written pieces. This activity will be considered breach of copyright.
  • Copyright of each entry remains with the writer but in entering the competition the writer agrees that, Prolifiko, Brighton Festival and nabokov theatre have the unrestricted right to publish the event in relevant promotional material in print or online.



  • The stories are published online only.
  • Lulu will be working with third parties within the publishing and writer community to also directly market the stories to their social media sites to achieve wider circulation.
  • During the event successful contributing writers will have their submission marketed through social media.
  • The story can be followed online:
    Twitter: @luludotcomUK
    Twitter tag: #tobecontinued
    Facebook: luludotcomUK
  • Submission of an entry implies the writer give agreement to be photographed and will take part in any marketing and publicity opportunities (print, social, or as otherwise required in the promotion of the challenge).
  • Lulu will hold your contact address in our systems to contact you with regard to any future writing competitions or events that we feel may be of interest to you. If you do not wish us to contact you for future writing events and competitions please make this clear on your competition submission.
  • There is no obligation to purchase any product to enter this writing event.
  • There is no obligation to purchase any Prolifiko product to enter this writing event.


Submission of your entry implies acceptance of these competition terms and conditions. upholds the Data Protection Act 1998.

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