ToBeContinued Children's Fiction

Children’s Fiction

Mrs Brindle’s cake shop was the talk of the town, squeezed between a three storey and five storey town house it sat like a little pearl in the ocean, just waiting for new customers to discover it. Every evening the shutters went down on 44 Liquorice Lane and the lights went out but every morning the shutters flew open and the most delicious towers of new sugared cupcakes, chocolate pies, puffing jam pastries, giant doughnuts and mystery muffins glittered Brindle’s window.

‘Brindle’s Cake Delights’ sign swung outside on the cobbled street. The shop had odd shaped windows, two tangled flower boxes with floppy paper butterflies and a very narrow door that for the larger customers required a sideways turn to step inside.

“The smell of those cakes – extraordinary!” Remarked customers.

Children would line up outside hanging off their parent’s arms begging for one of Mrs Brindle’s new cake creations. Their noses would be pressed against the shop window as their eyes glittered around the technicolor cake displays searching for their favourite cupcake.

Onlookers called it the ‘Brindle cake traffic jam’ as the line of customers grew and many wondered how Mrs Brindle created new baking delights every night ?