ToBeContinued Romance


You’ve got to admit that Adele has an amazing voice, it’s the only thing that stops me screaming out loud, lashing out or at the very least deliberately sneezing into the face of that person I don’t know squeezed up next to me on the daily hell that is the commute to work. I hate the underground; if it wasn’t for my phone and my headphones I’m sure I’d be in a padded cell by now. But those songs she sings, I’m sure there all about me and my life. Especially THAT one, you know the one, it really gets to me. Reminds me of all those things I could have done, or should have done. And then I see you after all these years, its got to be twenty, twenty five; God has it been that long since we were at school. You probably don’t even remember me, why should you, you didn’t even know I existed in those days. It’s like one of her songs, I should have said something but couldn’t, you were so out of my league. Now here you are two people over and one down just like a crossword puzzle, close enough to touch.