ToBeContinued Horror


(Author 1) Who am I?

Nobody special really, just a kid, but there is one this that you should know about me, I guess it is kind of important. I’m dead. I’m standing over myself lying on my side on the floor with what looks like a chopstick stuck in me. My dad is there, he was the one who put it there, not on purpose, well actually he did but he did not mean to.

I’m pretty sure that I am dead. I can not feel, smell or taste anything but I can hear, hear my father sobbing as he kneels beside me, and I can see, see myself on the floor with torn clothes, dirty hands and scuffed knees. Through a hole in my torn trainers I can see a bloody, broken toe.  So, I can safely say, that’s me.

Sorry if I am going too fast, it’s a bit of a blur but I will try to recall as much as possible. It has only been a few minutes but is getting hazy already maybe because the memories are still with me on the floor and the longer I stand here watching the more I am going to forget.

(Author 2) I must get away from here before the memories fade further and I won’t be able to tell you what happened. I must tell someone before it disappears.  I try to shout, but nothing comes from my mouth, there’s no sound, no warm breath, just nothingness. Like when I am playing hide and seek with Jonah and trying not to be found. But this is different. I try to move but I have never moved dead before. My legs don’t work and I feel like they’re stuck in quicksand or the tar Dad was painting the fence with earlier. That’s when he started getting mad at me. But to be honest he’s always mad at me so it’s hard to tell. I feel flat and lifeless and my memories are disappearing.

I have no pain, my toe doesn’t hurt anymore, or the scrape on my knee but I feel empty.  I want my Mum, she’d know what to do, she always made me feel better. But she can’t come and help me, I haven’t seen her for three years since I was four.

Oh, I remember it started with Mum.