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Picks and recommendations are all to common on the web. I make almost all of my buying decisions after carefully poring over reviews. Because we value the experiences of others.

Books are no different. I’ve said it over and over and over: reviews are key to a strong marketing plan. Another piece of that puzzle is simple name recognition through lists and picks. So here we are with our resident Social Media expert to learn a little more about two of Lulu’s favorite authors.

Lorenzo Etherington

First up is Lorenzo Etherington.

Lorenzo is a well-known and highly regarded comic book artist from the United Kingdom. You might remember his blog post on Lulu from early 2018, about creating for the good of others and his Learnuary event.

While Lorenzo enjoys a wide variety of clients, he opted to use self-publishing to create his collections. Check out both “Deluxe Collections” from Lorenzo Etherington:

Deluxe Collection
Deluxe Collection 2

You can find both books on his Lulu Spotlight page as well.

But to really get a feeling for Etherington’s work, let’s hear from our Facebook Live segment about Deluxe Collection:

Lorenzo actually works with his brother to form the Etherington Brothers – creating amazing art for a litany of well-known franchises include Star Wars and Transformers. If you love comic book art or are an aspiring artist and need some inspiration, Deluxe Collection is a must have.

Keep up with the Etherington Brothers through their dedicated social media accounts and website:

Etherington Brothers Official Site
Etherington Brothers on Twitter
Etherington Brothers on Instagram

John Barkhimer Jr

A is for Apperdoo

Next up we have John Barkhimer Jr.
John is the author of A is for Apperdoo, a kids book with the kind of appeal that makes it great for anyone of any age.

Told through rhyme, A is for Apperdoo is the illustrated story of a young boy using his imagination to explore the alphabet.

Here’s the Facebook Live with a little more about A is for Apperdoo, including a dramatic reading!

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