Everyday Epic writing competition judge: Gareth Howard of Authoright

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Gareth is a former lawyer – turned writer and CEO and founder of Authoright (www.authoright.com), the leading provider of editing, design, marketing and promotional services for authors, based in London and New York.

Gareth published his own first novel Single White Failure back in 2005 when indie-publishing was in its infancy, becoming one of the first indie success stories. An early supported of indie-publishing and embracing new routes to market, he played a significant role in helping to democratise the publishing industry, by making professional, fair, and affordable production and publicity services available to all authors. Gareth still speaks to over 1,000 authors individually each year, as well as at publishing conferences in the UK and USA. He designed the author space at London Book Fair, founded the London Author Fair in 2014 and has previously been an ambassador for Frankfurt Book Fair.

Gareth is working on two new novels which will be published this year.

Authoright has kindly donated the cover design service and will be providing publicity services for the final published Every Day Epic anthology of short stories.

2 thoughts on “Everyday Epic writing competition judge: Gareth Howard of Authoright”

  1. Michael Bolger

    I have a short story ‘Until Death Us Do Join’ which tells the story of a deranged funeral worker who decides to dispose of his wife. Using my experience as a Mental Health Charge Nurse the story is unusual and sinister to say the least.

    1. Good Morning Michael do check out our terms and conditions on the competition on this blog and we are happy to receive your entry if it complies with those terms and conditions. Kind Regards LULU UK team

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