World Book Day #thinkbigimagination by opening a book!

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The glorious world of the paperback, hardback or eBook enables kids from a very early age to #thinkbigimagination and learn how the written word comes alive in stories. As parents, carers, teachers and adults showing a child their first book is the stepping stone to ‘what if’ in a child’s mind. By book example we are giving them the gift of independence, knowledge and drive to explore their own imagination. A book is a secret world of adventures and children feel encouraged and inspired when they learn new words, turn new pages and grow their vocabulary.

Books are an emotional roller coaster of different genres and themes that glitter a child’s brain and can shape who they may become. No matter how many pennies we have in our pockets we should be offering all children in the world books and celebrating how important they are everyday but especially on #worldbookday


So, when your reading books with them and they shout, “Just one more story, one more!” know that you are helping them start their own adventure, their path into the world, what they might do and where they may go.

Books open a world of word magic delights and a happy glow of sensory excitement. Buy a book, share a book, read a book , borrow a book, or give a book to children and #thinkbigimagination for all.


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